Converse Have Been Revamped But You Won’t Notice (And That’s A Good Thing)


Chuck Taylor’s All Star Converse designs are absolute fashion staples.

Intrinsically linked with sub-cultures ranging through beat poets to rock stars, they’re a well-loved design that’s stood the test of time. They're in Alien, for goodness sake.

Something that's always contrasted with their clear, instantly recognisable aesthetic, is that lack of high-end comfort and durability: let’s be honest, Converse look great but to wear on a day-to-day basis they’re pretty uncomfortable and in terms of durability, for a ‘gig’ shoe they’re not the best.

But that’s all changed. The brand was bought by Nike way back in 2003, although thus far have never collaborated to any drastic level. Finally, the two footwear powerhouses have put their heads (and feet) together and come up with something new.

The Chuck Taylor All Star II – essentially, your classic Converse pimped up with all the subtle flashiness of your favourite Nikes.

Think Nike Lunalon sock lines, a padded tongue and more durable Tencel canvas all wrapped in that classic iconic design that made them brilliant in the first place.

Set to be released on 28 July, you'll be able to pick up the low Ox for £55 and the hi-top for £60 from They'll also be shipping in white, red and blue.


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