Clarks' stunning Sportswear Tawyer


You can't teach an old dog new tricks, right? Not in the eyes of Clarks. The 184-year-old shoe maker is on a mission to disprove such wisdom - or suggest that an aged canine can bring something new to the table if it gets the right collaboration.

Joining forces with the Boston-based boutique Concepts, this vibrant creation is a special take on the Sportswear Tawyer.

Sitting halfway between an athletic trainer and a structured formal shoe, the Tawyer's upper has been crafted from a perforated suede - maximising airflow and begging that its wearer goes sans socks. The midsole sports an EVA construction, bringing lightweight cushioning to an otherwise dapper set up. And for the while, it's only available in red.

Set to go on sale from 26 July, you'll have to head to Concepts' website if you want to pick up a pair of these. And why wouldn't you?


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