Bonkers Adidas & Jeremy Scott Frankenstein Trainer


Halloween might have passed in a wave of face paint and chocolate vomit, but Jeremy "Has He Really Made Those" Scott is keeping the sinister festivities alive with his latest adidas collaboration. And they're as nuts as ever. 

Revealed on sneaker-obsessed Dunk, these fantastical creations are the (deep breath) Jeremy Scott x adidas JS Mad Logo "Frankenstein" - a Hollywood-proportioned trainer from a designer who's already stitched teddy bears to high tops and sown tiger tails to trainers. 

Featuring textured blue and black leathers with green puss seeping between cracks in the "stitching", a monstrous adidas logo adorns the oversized tongue. While there are no bolts through the heels or similarly camp additions, the scarred laces do tie things together nicely.

Expected to hit select adidas retailers and adidas' online store in the next month, no price has yet been announced. You could always go through your gym's lost property box and try stitching a set together yourself? 

(Images: Dunk)

[Via: Kix and the City]