Atmos X Reebok Pump


Much like Kanye West, Reebok Pump are stylish, unmatched in their domain, a brand icon, and, most notably, full of hot air.

Unlike other inanimate objects which require pumpage, this unflappably cool sneaker has been making grown men play with their shoes for the sake of looking cool since the early Nineties. Which clearly hasn’t been lost on the makers of its newest incarnation.

Footwear specialist Atmos are behind this throwback who have partnered with Reebok to rustle up a unique take on the Pump silhouette, leaving the original's pump aspect in tact. Up top we have a black four-way stretch nylon with dashes of white, grey and orange, while down below we have a black-and-white midsole alongside the sci-fi sounding Reebok Energy Return System.

Finally, the shoes also feature PlayDry materials, regularly used in athletic-wear for ease of movement and no doubt ensuring this 21t century upgrade will be worth the cash when it's released on 4 October.

Plenty of time to prime those thumb muscles.


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