Artsy adidas Originals by BEDWIN


Modern art often passes us by. A trip round the Tate Modern can either blow our minds, or leave us feeling a tad confused - but they've got a great book shop so it always ends well. If they had an exhibition of Bedwin's latest sponsored_longform with adidas, we'd waste a few days there.

The Japanese streetwear designer have taken a pair of untainted adidas Originals Stan Smiths and flicked a layer of sophistication all over them. Flecks of blue, yellow, red and grey add a certain charm to the otherwise classic silhouette, finished by some nice details, including a striped heel tab and three threads beyond the final lace eyelet.

Sure, you could buy a pair of blank Stan Smiths and flick paint at them - but, just like those works in the Tate Modern, yours somehow wouldn't be as good. You can grab a pair for £105 from the adidas online store.