These new Air Jordan Super Nintendos are seriously next level

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James Bird

Freaker Sneaks has just unveiled a new custom version of the Air Jordan and they’re an absolute Shell Smash of a pair – the Air Jordan 4 “Super Nintendo”.

It’s January and everything needs a bit of a freshen up, including your gaming-related footwear. The guys have incorporated the famous grey from the SNES controller into the colourway, and featured the nostalgia-breathing Nintendo logo onto the tongue.

Head to the heel of the kicks, and things get real old-skool cool. The left shoe features the d-pad and the right features the red, green, yellow and blue buttons that we all bashed with such genuine intensity all those years ago.

Of course, the shoes are going to be more difficult to cop than Link’s Nayru’s Love – Freaker Sneaks is expected to release 10 of the Air Jordan 4 Super Nintendos. Keep your eyes peeled on his website for more info.


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