Adidas Unveils Tubular Trainer


We're about to fall out with adidas Originals. Turning to a trick usually employed by a blockbuster film franchise, they've released a teaser trailer for their latest trainer design. And, like the predictable fanboys that we are, it's caused us to go gooey-eye and wet at the mouth - there's dribble all over the keyboard for goodness sake.

The shoe that's generated this disgusting level of adoration is the Tubular: a smooth-panelled cross between the high-fashion Y-3 Qasa High and the sports-ready ZX Flux.

As the name suggests, the Tubular incorporates a tube-like cushioning system into a striking midsole design. A thick cylinder of cushioning runs around the outer edge of the shoe's sole, leaving a pronounced gap in the middle of the footprint. A prominent tongue stands proud of the rest of the shoe, complete with pull tab - which, as anyone who's tried squeeze a bare foot in a woven sock trainer will attest, is going to come in handy. 

Set to arrive in stores worldwide on 21 November, you've just found a new edition to your Christmas wish list.