Adidas Release Messi 371 Boots


Lionel Messi confirmed on Saturday that he is definitely a pretty good football player by becoming Barcelona's all-time record goalscorer, netting a hat-trick in a 7-0 win against Osasuna.

He overtook Paulino Alcántara's record of 369 for the club in the course of the match, to take his tally up to 371 - and to mark the occasion, Adidas have released this special-edition version of the Adidas f50. They are the first Adidas boots to feature a different design on each boot, apparently inspired by Messi's goalscoring stats, separating the percentage of goals that he has scored with left foot, right foot and head.

In addition they carry the name of his son Thiago, his birthdate, the Messi logo on the heel and a unique number from 001 to 371. Unfortunately, and inevitably, every pair has already been snapped up by fans.

Still, even if you can't wear them, you can appreciate their beauty - so appreciate away below and above.