adidas Originals APS reissue


On most trainers, the only task asked of you is tying the laces - a skill that's featured on your life CV since primary school. The reissued adidas APS require something a little more complicated.

First pumping the streets in 1986, the APS (Antipronation and Shock Absorption) system saw a pocket of adjustable plastic rods stowed away in the shoe's midsole. Runners could vary the shock absorption in the trainer by bringing the rods closer together via a screw point in the heel. Why? We're not quite sure, but then we've never worn a pair of adjustable shoes.

Following a breathless reissue sell out in 2003, adidas Originals are now giving these tech-heavy runners a new lease of life for the coming summer. Available in its original white and red or the new Nighthawk colourway (which sees the original colours inverted), you'll be able to twiddle your heels when the shoes drop on 1 May.

(Images: adidas)

(Via: Crooked Tongues)