These Selfridges X Lovers F.C football shirts should be on your torso immediately

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Gary Ogden
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Football shirts even when you’re not playing football? Whatever next!

There was a time where you would only wear your football shirt to a match - wouldn’t be wearing it on a night out, really, would you? 

But now, you can, and you will, and it will be fine, it will be great, in fact. People will compliment you on your football shirt, even though you’re not at a game - they’ll do it just because it looks nice. Football is fashionable, now.

And what better way than to dive head-first into this trend by picking up one of these rather smart and exclusive Selfridges X Lovers F.C tops? To celebrate the World Cup, they’ve released six shirts, each inspired by and paying homage to classic kits of yore. Check out the sexy, sexy, sexy pieces below, all available in store now:


Nothing really else to say other than: YES.

Also, if you need even more of a football shirt fix, then 25 selected archive football jerseys are currently on display at the London and Trafford Store, for an ‘Art of the Football Shirt’ capsule exhibition. You won’t be able to buy any of these though. You will have to “steal” them*.

*ShortList does not advocate stealing


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