Reebok are making their own version of the controversial romper for men


Maybe we should count ourselves lucky that, in a week when Trump impeachment gains momentum and Ched Evans and Julian Assange have been thrust back into the public eye once more, we have also been given dudes wearing romper suits to take the edge off.

Whether you’re pro-rompers or anti, it’s pretty safe to say that people have Some Things To Say about RompHim, the bro-romper suit company who recently had their project funded on Kickstarter. But when Reebok – a brand we love and respect for their very, very comfy and nice trainers – announces they’re about to jump in the romper game, we have to take notice. 

According to Business Insider: “The ‘ReeRomp’… turns the leisure garment into an athletic garment and is made with Reebok's sweat-wicking ‘Activchill’ technology, which the brand says will keep the wearer cool and dry.” 

Whether on not the Bolton brand are taking the piss is up in the air for now – especially with Reebok promising that the new item is "built for bros" – but let’s take them at their word, and presume that the ReeRomp – *shudders* – will hit shelves in very limited quantities when it is released in June.

(Illustrations: Reebok)