Norse Projects’ summer collection knows it’s gonna rain and does not give a shit

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Sam Diss

We’re a big fan of Danish brand Norse Projects because they are nothing if not realists. They make clothes for “normal” men – men who just want something that’s navy, or olive green, or maybe a bit stripy but god, not too much, I’m not a barbershop – without all of the bells and whistles some brands plump for to separate them from the chasing pack, and when they say they’re doing a “summer collection” they’re still ready for when the rain comes. 

No wonder the Scandinavians are so happy, what with their rationality and nice rain jackets: Norses’ new drop sees a navy Thor nylon rain mac, nylon caps, even nylon shorts and packable ponchos and waterproof overshirts, all with a lightweight construction and clever little breathable flaps and gaps and holes to make sure you don’t burn up on the Central Line. Combine this with new-ish items like long-sleeve T-shirts in jersey made from overdyed yarn with clean hems, pin-stripe short-sleeves, and their renowned tonal chinos, and you’re on to a winner. 


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