MR. PORTER and streetwear icons Stüssy join forces on new collection

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Sam Diss

Not only does Shawn Stüssy have a cool name, his brand became synonymous with laid back streetwear before “streetwear” was even really a thing. Now streetwear is everywhere and Stüssy are back at the forefront with an absolute killer selection alongside one-stop high-quality menswear shop MR. PORTER with an exclusively designed capsule collection. 

With “Made In California” the story is simple: you are a beach bum who buys nice clothes and you probably own a surfboard you don’t actually use but more importantly, YOU ARE A HANDSOME MAN IN LAGUNA BEACH. It is a tale as old as time. One we can all get behind. 

The drop features surfy, washed-out colourways of wardrobe staples like sweats, shorts, Dickie’s-ian chinos with a cuff and a crease, T-shirts, and a really cool merlot-coloured cap, but the real winner is the grass green cotton-ripstop field jacket with the double-pockets (we were hesitant to say it but I’m gonna dive straight in there – it might be The Perfect Overshirt). Think of all of the surf accouterments you could put in those pockets and never use. Man, what a way to never use them.

Embroidered Cotton-Ripstop Baseball Cap, £55

Camp-Collar Printed Matte-Satin Shirt, £180

Typewriter Cotton Jacket, £155

Embroidered Loopback Cotton-Jersey Sweatshirt, £115

Embroidered Loopback Cotton-Jersey Sweatshirt, £115

Cotton-Ripstop Field Jacket, £130