Italian designer Fendi is the new king of jackets and coats

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Sam Diss

I know this is a concept that’s quite abstract to all of us right now – with midday dashes to the shops for ice-lollies and orange squash, and the dull tang of sun tan lotion hanging on the office air-con – but jackets and coats are big business. And Fendi, legendary high fashion design house based in Rome since 1925, have just stormed through the heat at Milan Fashion Week to ignite the world of outerwear.

Leather track-style jackets in coffee and creme and navy and cerise, knee length macs in calfskin and sky-blue and another in midnight rubber, coke-white denim westerns and rain jackets: it's got the lot. Today, the F in the Fendi logo stands for “Fair play”. 

Fendi SS18 available here