Volcanic lava – the ultimate exfoliator


Few would argue that close contact with a volcano is good for your skin. Unless, of course, you’re aiming for the ‘heavily charred’ look.

However, skincare expert Clarins has opted to venture beyond the potentially hazardous effects of molten lava and embrace the energising power at its core.

The brand’s new two-in-one Exfoliating Cleanser has an ingredients roll call that reads like Bear Grylls’ shopping list: natural lava powder to eliminate dead skin cells, and bison grass to keep skin looking healthy.

Clarins’ decision to blend these rather unorthodox components is quite simple: it wanted to create an exfoliating product designed specifically for men’s skin. And, since our skin is 20 per cent denser than women’s, this required the use of some slightly ‘denser’ materials. Like those found inside a volcano, for instance.

In addition to maximising cleanliness and healthiness, the Exfoliating Cleanser helps prepare skin for shaving by reducing excess oil and preventing painful ingrown hairs. And at just £20 per tube, it represents a much cheaper (and safer) option than seeking out a genuine volcano and attempting to harness its cleansing power yourself.


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