10 top scents to wear for momentous life events

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You need a smell. No, Lynx and Marlboro Lights do not count. We're talking about luxury scents that people can recognise you by instantly, because having a signature scent could be the decider in whether you get a job or a second date.

Here are our top 10 new fragrances for the season, featuring Tom Ford, Commes des Garcons and more premium brands that produce smells so intoxicating they'd make Hannibal Lecter do that creepy slurping noise.

  • L'Envol de Cartier

    What is it: an oriental woody fragrance with notes of honey.

    When to wear it: when you're about to propose to your other half but can't stop sweating.


  • Dark Rebel by John Varvatos

    What is it: a rebellious fragrance that boasts hints of tobacco leaves, Jamaican rum and leather.

    When to wear it: when you're buying your first bad ass motorcycle.


  • L'Homme Ultime by Yves Saint Laurent

    What is it: a woody floral musk with notes of grapefruit, ginger and cardamom.

    When to wear it: at a job interview to fool your prospective employer that you are a posh human being.


  • Blackpepper by Comme des Garcons

    What is it: a warm and mysterious scent with earthy tones and invigorating spice.

    When to wear it: to a fashion week after party you're not on the guestlist for after the line 'don't you know who I am?' doesn't work.


  • Dylan Blue by Versace

    What is it: a fragrant woody aroma with top notes of natural citrus, bergamot and grapefruit with a hint of fig leaf.

    When to wear it: when you're in line for airport check in and want to try blagging a free upgrade.


  • Vodka On The Rocks by Kilian

    What is it: a combination of cold spices, coriander and cardamom with aldehyde to create an ice cold effect.

    When to wear it: on a stag do to make your whole weekend completely boozy.


  • Grand Soir by Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris

    What is it: a sophisticated scent featuring Brazilian tonka beans and vanilla.

    When to wear it: to an extremely fancy restaurant that doesn't take reservations for an anniversary meal consisting of pea like portions.


  • Colonia Quercia by Acqua di Parma

    What is it: a stylish scent with citrus notes of lemon and bergamot, as well as warm undertones of cardamom and geranium.

    When to wear it: to an opera you don't understand a word of.


  • Basil & Neroli Cologne by Jo Malone

    What is it: a quintessentially British scent based on London with hints of floral neroli and a touch of basil.

    When to wear it: visiting the Queen for afternoon tea. Or more realistically, a summer wedding.


  • Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

    What is it: a smooth oriental scent that fuses tobacco leaves and spicy notes with vanilla and cocoa.

    When to wear it: to a first date. And make sure you name drop that you're wearing Tom Ford. But do it subtly, like maybe cough and blurt it out subliminally and act like nothing happened.



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Jamie Carson

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