The solid cologne


Smelling incredible all day every day isn't as easy as it should be. Depending on your choice of fragrance, that slick smell of success can last for five minutes or five hours.

And re-applying can be an obvious, attention-drawing process. "Got a date tonight eh?" is the usual response from colleagues.

Which makes Alfred Lane's Solid Cologne all that more necessary. Each cologne comes in a tin and is applied with a quick dip of the finger added to pulse points. Therefore no noise and no annoying questions.

It comes in three different scents: Bravado, Brio and Vanguard, which all make more sense once you read the detailed descrfiptions. Bravado is meant to convey swagger with a "woodsy, oriental scent", Brio isn't about smelling like a wooden train set but rather giving off vigor and vivacity through a "musky and warm" fragrance while Vanguard is aimed at the frontrunners with "spicy and sweet" notes.

Alfred Lane is a US company but they do ship to the UK. You can find out more here.


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