Snickers Opens Bizarre Barbershop In Tokyo


Good news if you're in Tokyo over the next month: you can get yourself a free haircut at a pop-up barbershop. 

The bad news if that it's being run by Snickers and you have to choose from one of the following eight hairstyles:

It's definitely one of the stranger PR stunts we've seen for a while, especially as there's no accompanying information concerning how many free Snickers bars you'd also get with the cut. Well, apart from the eighth style which actually embeds bars in your hair.

The Snickers Hungry Barber, as it's being called, runs for six consecutive days this month and although the cuts are free, they do expect you to take a picture of yourself for Twitter purposes. Because obviously, you'd want everyone to see this.

Here's the promotional video that we don't understand at all:

[via Rocket News 24]


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