Smell like the city you love


Aside from all of the obviously great smells (fresh laundry, tippex, bacon), we all have our fair share of unorthodox scents which float our boat for some odd reason.

So rather than buying yet another fragrance which has notes of citrus or patchouli or whatever, why not wear the scent of your favourite city?

Perfumer Gérald Ghislain and designer Magalie Sénéquier have created a selection of perfumes which replicate 'the essence of your travel'. So you can purchase and then wear odours of New York, Paris, London, Abu Dhabi, Tokyo and many others.

But what would they actually smell of? Well, the London fragrance brings together "a bouquet of pines and leaves wrapped in citrusy fruits [to] remind you of warm Earl Grey tea", "a Shakespearean jasmine" and "a romance of mossy woods and white musk for a final wink at the London Eye". And here was us, expecting a mixture of pollution, rain and chips.

You can purchase your own here.


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