Skincare given the superfood treatment


Superfoods are good for you. That’s obvious, given their name. But a serving of wheatgrass, red algae and soy beans won’t often win against a pepperoni pizza.

Luckily you can harness the positive effects of superfoods without giving up the odd Italian meat feast.

Dermatology expert Dr Nicholas Perricone (credentials? He’s got MD and FACN after his name) has released a Super range that contains no synthetic dyes or sulphates. Instead they are made from beneficial plant chemicals found in superfoods.

Ginger forms the foundation for Super’s 3-Minute Facial — which uses extracts to boost circulation for a healthy glow — while the aforementioned red algae fuels skin elasticity and moisture retention in the excellently-named Crinkle Eraser serum (pictured).

The range also boasts a Hyper Hydrator daily moisturiser containing coconut water, which, it’s claimed, delivers much-needed minerals to thirsty and depleted pores.

The Super line is available now from Boots, starting at £29.50. If you’ve already tried all of the usual ingredients, it might be exactly what your skin has been looking for.


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