Pimp Your PE Kit With These Muscle-Making Grooming Tips


Legs day? Arm session? Back, chest and abs taking a pounding? Whatever kind of sweat routine you’re styling out on your next gym date, you need these in your kit bag.

Obviously hard work is still fairly important but these key pieces will definitely make it a little easier…

Ab Crew Shredding Oil (£28)

Does for your body what coconut oil does for your healthy eating plan. Work all over your hardworking limbs, abs, back and shoulders in circular motions to encourage the movement of post-exercise toxins while you’re at it.

As you slick this on, the black rock, sand and plant extracts work like the Manchester United first team in making muscles look more defined and skin less old, not to mention smoother.

Get it.

Nip + Man Bicep Fix (£12.50)

Take a tag team approach to making those ‘ceps bulge. The caffeine stimulates blood flow and cell regrowth straight after your workout so muscles and skin alike look their very best. It also contains big time firmer Laracare, a not-so-secret agent that's a natural firmer. Winner, winner, chicken dinner (because, protein).

Get it.

Shiseido Shiseido Men Energizing Gel Formula (£37.50)

You know how epic that end of workout shower is? Well this will make that shower experience all the more special as you hop out wrapped in a slightly too small gym branded towel. It’s seriously zingy and moisturising, meaning your face will look as good as your body. Say see ya to fatigue and dullness, while basking in that session glow. Permanently.

Get it.

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