Miniature hats for your Man Bun are apparently now a thing


Since they first start cropping up around the trendiest corners of London's Shoreditch, 'man buns' have swiftly become the marmite of hairstyles. Put simply, you either love them or you hate them – the majority of people apparently falling into the latter camp.

Deemed by the masses as nothing more than the latest hipster fad – the samurai-esque dos have apparently been given an even more bonkers makeover.

As reported by this Seattle blog, the latest hipster trend to hit the streets is indeed – miniature hats. An accessory that, in their own words, "Successfully unites the best of contemporary styles in hair and hats for young men."

As handily proven by the badly photoshopped image above.

We’ll be honest, we can’t quite tell if this is just part of some elaborate hoax although it probably wouldn’t surprise us either way to be honest, especially after this clip-on Man Bun from last week....

Politicians wearing 'man buns'