Lab Series' Kahuna Cream


Have high-energy skin with Lab Series’ new supercharged moisturiser

Superfoods, you will have noticed, are everywhere. And while you’re feeding your body with power-packed, nutrient-dense ingredients to make you feel amazing, does it not stand to reason to provide your skin with the same type of treatment? Lab Series’ new moisturiser does just this by harnessing the power of ginseng; a natural ingredient that’s been used for centuries in Asia for its energising and stimulating benefits. The gel cream is formulated with water in silicone technology, which makes the skin feel smooth on the surface while sealing in moisture. The result is a double burst sensation – your skin will experience an additional feeling of hydration a few seconds after the initial application of the cream. It ensures that your skin’s defence mechanisms are at their highest, so you can face any elements thrown your way.

Age Rescue+ Water-Charged Gel Cream £45 by LAB SERIES SKINCARE FOR MEN (out now);


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