How not to over-groom


Katy B on how not to over-groom

The musician, whose No1 album Little Red is out now, holds forth on extreme eyebrow plucking

“I used to think a guy’s musical taste was important. My ex listened to punk, amazing reggae and all this music I hadn’t checked out before, so I learned a lot from him. I loved that. But recently I realised I wouldn’t mind having a bit of a break because my life is constant music. I like the idea of showing someone else something new. The best thing about meeting someone for the first time is them showing you things you don’t know about, taking you to places in London you’ve never been before. One thing a modern man shouldn’t do? Pluck their eyebrows. I remember this boy who had really triangular eyebrows. It freaked me out because he had better eyebrows than me. That’s not good – having nice eyebrows takes work.”

(Photography: Simon Emmet)


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