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Kriotherapy. Ever tried it? To be fair, if you’d spent three minutes in a cold chamber at -110C, you’d probably remember.

‘Krio’ triggers the cold receptors in your skin, sends a ‘red alert’ to your brain, and prompts a state of ‘fight or flight’. The point of this terrifying ordeal?

To increase hormone production, aiding recovery after intense physical exercise. Mark Webber and Theo Walcott swear by it, but not all of us can afford to visit Champneys for a £50-a-pop Krio session every time we attack the cross-trainer.

On that basis, the luxury spa has created a new range of hi-tech recovery products for the worn-out gent. The Cooling Muscle Rub (£10) aims to relieve joint and tendon discomfort, Revitalising Muscle Rehab Bath Soak (£6) soothes aching muscles, while Intensive Moisture Balm (£9) claims to revitalise dry skin and maintain hydration for 24 hours.

But the jewel in the crown, so to speak, is the Anti-Chafing Protective Balm (£10), which can be slathered over thighs and arms before a run to prevent soreness. Sounds slightly odd, but it’s preferable to risking frostbite…


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