Extreme shampooing


Extreme is a word bandied about all too easily in the name of PR. In many cases, it could happily be substituted for 'Stupid' or 'Daft'.

Take Extreme Shampooing. In order to test out VO5's Extreme Style shampoo range, blogger Jim Chapman has got up to some pretty 'wacky' stuff.

Chapman's high jinks saw him shampoo his hair with a fireman's hose (ten times the strength of your average shower), under the Hardraw Falls of Yorkshire and atop Ben Nevis. He also came close to contracting something unpleasant after dunking his head into the Thames from a speeding boat.

Chapman provided no comment as to how well VO5's Extreme Style shampoo range performed during the challenge. We'll just stick to washing our hair in a moderately warm shower.

(Images: Rex)


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