Birmingham's New Grooming Range Set To Go National


If the press are to be believed (and to be fair they have the Office Of National Statistics on their side) there's a steep increase in the number people leaving London and moving to Birmingham. The city is booming and forming part of that movement is Brum's first grooming range: Gruhme (pronounced "Groom"). 

The creation of a former lawyer, Rob Hallmark, who lost the taste for the courtroom and went headlong into the fragrance industry, the eau de toilette started with a cult following (we guess everyone has to start with a cult following, right?) but has grown into a widely worn and admired product throughout the West Midlands. 

Unfortunately smell-o-vision still hasn't been invented, so we'll have to describe the product using the archaic method of words. Gruhme has top notes of lemon, lavender and bergamot sitting on a base of patchouli, cedar and petitgrain. Means nothing to you, right? Trust us, it's superb. And the world is awash with London fragrances, so maybe wear something a little different?

Gruhme have plans to launch a heavier evening fragrance, right before world domination. Keep an eye on them.


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