Beer shampoo


So it turns out that beer is good for you. Provided you, erm, don’t drink it.

Redken For Men’s Clean Brew extra-cleansing shampoo contains two key ingredients you would expect to find in every good beer: malt, which helps to nourish and condition hair, and brewer’s yeast, which strengthens and builds body.

It also contains orange zest, which deep-cleans the scalp while purifying and eliminating oil and dirt. Oh, and if you’re known to take the odd cross-country run, the Anti-Grit Technology should make light work of crusty mud flecks.

The result? The kind of blindingly shiny mane traditionally spotted only in ladies’ shampoo ads. Clean Brew is priced £12.20 for 250ml (or nearly half a pint, in pub terms). And at that price, you wouldn’t want to pour it into a glass and drink it...


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