Be kind to your biceps


It’s all very well having the body of a superhero, but once you’ve sculpted Man Of Steel-style abs, you need to look after them. Step forward, Nip+Fab’s latest release, Nip+Man: a new skincare and bodycare range, dedicated to firming up your pecs and biceps, and banishing man boobs to the history books.

The skincare capsule includes potently named products such as ‘Aftershave Power Lotion’ and ‘Turbo Face Wash’ (the latter is even bolstered by ultra-refreshing caffeine extracts), while the bodycare line-up boasts specially designed creams and gels for different parts of your arms. So, the ‘Pec Fix’ (£16.95) helps improve tone and appearance of pec contours, while the ‘Bicep Fix’ (£12.95) has caffeine power to improve muscle elasticity. There’s even a ‘Power Workout Fix’ (£9.95) designed to help relax and revive the body after a big gym session. If your guns could thank you, they would.


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