A Guide To Avoiding Shaving Mistakes


Three quick fixes to have you looking most well-trimmed

Be you clean shaven or cultivating a ’tache, your regimen may be holding you back, says Aveda grooming expert Stelios Nicolaou. Here are his top tips.

You’re not prepping your skin

“Prep your face using shave cream, shave brush and a hot flannel. Place the flannel over your face for a few seconds to help the hair follicles rise for a closer, cleaner shave. Reapply shaving cream mid-shave to help avoid irritation.”

You’re shaving against the grain

“Shaving in the direction of hair growth will reduce the chance of in-grown hairs and bumpy red sores. Soothe skin post-shaving with an oil that softens stubble. Massaging the skin in the direction of growth will maximise the moisture pores take in.” 

You’re re-using disposable blades

“After a blade has been used, it has already become blunt, so when you reuse it you pull the skin, causing pores to rise. Due to the lack of contact, the need for shaving is increased. The closest shave – with lasting smoothness and minimal irritation – is from a barber using a cutthroat razor.”



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