Worried about Russia? Then you need this stylish 80% nuclear radiation proof jacket

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Jamie Carson

Russian warships passing through the English Channel, Natwest shutting down the bank accounts of a Russian TV channel, Hillary Clinton could become President, Putin being a bulldog looking sociopath...there's a load of factors that could lead to nuclear war, but we're here to tell you that you needn't worry, because there's a jacket that'll save your life.

One-off piece retailer Too Hot Limited is selling a Left Hand Thermojoint dual layer trench coat for £199 that's 80% nuclear radiation proof, that'll help you stay safe and looking fly as hell in a post-apocalyptic world.

But if you want to fight off zombies in this slick overcoat, you're going to have to be a quick clicker, as there's only one unique piece going, and it's going on sale today (21 October) at midday.

A small price to pay to keep you 80% mutant free if nuclear war does come. It's the ideal level of mutated, because it's probably just enough to give you special powers like laser vision or telekinesis, not a tail or a load of extra nipples.


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