The hipster fashion collection made solely for the poolside


Careful now. You're about to make a splash involving Stella Artois Cidre.

Though not by dropping one of those glass goblets on your foot the next time you’re down the pub - we mean with the brand’s hipster-fied new fashion collection, entirely designed for the pool.

Le Poolwear, a collaboration with boutique sartorial label You Must Create (YMC), features a splash-proof jacket and swim short combination, which would look just as at home in Hoxton as the Seychelles.

Easy to dry should you get pushed in, lightweight fabric to ensure you can still have a day in the baking hot sun, forget worries about dressing up during a baking hot day, you can still catch the eye without going down the budgie smugglers. The whole look will cost you £270 and is now available to pre-order from at

And given it’s limited to 75 jackets and 150 shorts, you might want to be quick.

You don’t want Germans getting there first.

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