The Harrods House Of Adidas


Venture up to the fifth floor at Harrods and you run a serious risk of never being able to leave.

It’s not that they’ve coated the place with superglue, it’s just that its re-developed sports floor now boasts London’s second-biggest Nike outlet as well as the gargantuan House Of Adidas, and thus, all your sporting desires can be catered for under the same roof.

Most notably, you’ll find adidas’s exclusive ‘digital shoe bar’, which traces the manufacturing behind each style, and the Nike+ Station where all the brand’s tech can be serviced. Oh, and you can still catch Harrods’ World Cup pop-up shop (until 13 July), which showcases adidas’s new Battle Pack boot collection.

In the meantime, if you fancy browsing the best in adidas merchandise from the comfort of your computer, allow us to recommend the knitted football boot and this classic pair of Boston Super.