The 10 coolest Instagram accounts for trainers


Trainers have become an obsession for some people, with a lot of sneakerheads not even taking their shoes out the box. Instead they collect them like Pokemon, only letting them see light of day for the odd Instagram or sniff.

But can you blame them? With the prices of some trainers and the limited edition status of them, we'd be terrified to soil them with the outside world; it's not worthy enough.

Feel as strongly as these footwear fanatics? Then these are the Insta accounts you should be following:


If you're a fan of Air Jordans, you're going to be smashing that like button more than usual.


From suede Puma to checked Vans, this guy has eclectic taste when it comes to footwear.

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An Insta full of neatly organised trainer shots for all you OCD sneakerheads out there.

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A global brand ambassador with a penchant for water sports. Hope he's got a decent supply of Crep Protect.


A Miami shoe shop owner who stocks rare sneakers. Sometimes heroes don't wear capes... sometimes they wear Air Jordans.

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A world traveller with an insane shoe collection. Our jealousy is starting to make our blood boil.

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Dominic Chambrone will take your kicks and customise them to your liking. What. A. Job.


As Social Media and Community Manager for Size?, this Leeds lad knows his trainers.

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A German blogger who writes about sneakers for a living. His house must be like a footwear version of the Batcave.

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Robert Stewart is owner and director of Sneakers ER, a business that creates professional trainer cleaning and customising products.

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