Style risks every man should take

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We’ve all had it before. Wearing something new in anticipation for a night out with your mates, only to arrive at the pub, receiving up-and-down glances from them, followed by an absolute roasting for wearing something new.

But that’s what friends are for, aren’t they? Keeping you grounded by being absolute arseholes. But we’re here to argue that nine times out of 10 that they end up wearing the thing they ridiculed you for 6 months later. It happened with skinny jeans, Chelsea boots and wearing trainers with a suit, and it’ll happen again with the latest trends.

So here’s a few current looks you should take on board and not ditch when your mates next rip on you:

  • Style risks every man should take

    Tropical shirts

    The usual insult: “Just got back off holiday?”

    From Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet to Scarface, movie history is rich in amazing floral shirts, so why can’t we wear them in real life? C’mon, Ian, give us one good reason!

  • Style risks every man should take 1

    Shoes with no socks

    The usual insult: “Could you not afford socks?”

    Some shoes just weren’t meant to have socks, such as loafers. Wearing invisible socks? Annoying as hell, they always fall off and you have to fish them out.

    These go well with cropped trousers, so hit them with a double whammy and combine the two. 

  • Style risks every man should take 2

    Retro sportswear

    The usual insult: "You look like a nineties football hooligan"

    But that's what we were going for! Believe it or not, brands like Kappa and Ellesse (the garms you wore for sports day in Primary School, basically) are back with a 21st Century makeover.

    And the best thing about the retro sportswear revival? It's proper comfy, something that is often overlooked with current trends, with most male millennials chance of producing children severely diminished due to the excessive tightness of their denim.

  • Style risks every man should take 3

    Cropped trousers

    The usual insult: “Tide coming in?”

    These are riding the wave of the whole smart casual trend and are an impeccable high summer trouser, so just tell them that next time someone tries to suggest you’ve had a growth spurt.

  • Style risks every man should take 4

    Bow ties

    The usual insult: “You look like a seedy maths teacher”

    Whether it’s with a casual shirt or a three-piece suit, bow ties are a vintage accessory that are still relevant today. And if anyone tries to pull at it, 

  • Style risks every man should take 5

    Bright colours

    The usual insult: “You’re giving me a migraine”

    Life is not just limited to black, white and grey, so shut your mouth, Darren. Never be afraid to add colour to an outfit, whether that’s with statement red trainers or a pink t-shirt. But stay away from coloured chinos, they are the work of the devil.


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