Pharrell William's Adidas 'floral carpet' collection is better than it sounds


If we were to approach Adidas with a design concept that decked their sports casual clothing in vintage French floral prints, we'd be branded as pretentious hipsters and told where to stick our fixies. 

But when you're Pharrell Williams, you get a limited edition capsule collection. The injustice of it all.

To be fair, we could never have come up with something as appropriately luxurious as William's Jacquard collection. Inspired by a trip to Paris and the renowned Marché Saint Pierre, the range of jackets and Stan Smith court shoes draws on two vintage floral fabrics discovered by the musician-turned-fashion collaborator.

Limited to a run of 200 jackets (£585) and 200 Stan Smith trainers (£130), the Jacquard pack is a quirky feast of borrowed carpet prints and rustic opulence. 

You'll have to hunt high and low for a full set, with Hanon still stocking the golden Jacquard jacket for £539


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