Paul Smith's Ultimate Air Travel Suit

Book a ticket onto most airlines and you can count the crumpled suits before you’ve even left the gate, largely belonging to the unfortunate few travelling on business and about to find their trousers, shirt and jacket extremely constrained from take-off to landing.
If you’re one of them, worry not as British menswear designer Paul Smith has reacted to this thorny issue with the ‘perfect travel suit’. Stuff it into your carry-on or waltz aboard wearing it, this comfortable piece of attire is guaranteed to reach your destination wrinkle-free.
Weaved from a special wool in Italy that is both elastic and breathable and constructed from half-floating canvas, wearers can move more generously in this suit than any before it, evoking the Tom Ford stuntman suits from Skyfall with of course the unique dandy style and refined finish afforded any Paul Smith suit.
Though the real genius lies in the high-twist yarn, enabling the material to bounce right back into shape after wrinkling. At £715, it's a small price for your clothes looking less jet-lagged than your face.
Now if Smith can only go about designing an eye mask which doesn’t make us look like Bono in a coma then our travel kit would be complete.


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