Mondo's Excellent Gremlins And Fargo Festive Knitwear

Ignoring blood-sopping wood chippers and fanged creatures of wickedness, Fargo and Gremlins are about as festive as cult black comedies set in snowy terrain get.
And it’s clearly not gone unnoticed by the geeky folk at art-house Mondo, who’ve enlisted the help of Middle of Beyond to create some chunky winter knitwear themed around these two cinematic classics ahead of the winter season.
The officially licensed pieces, disguising all the violent hallmarks of these two films with generic jumper patterns, are 100 per cent acrylic heavy knit, cost £50 each and can be ordered right now with a shipping date of December. Ideal for any ironic Christmas parties, or any situation ever really.
Please do watch out for mulled wine spillages on that bright white Fargo edition. Oh, and as for the Gizmo-clad one, just don’t wash it after midnight, will you?