M&S Personal Tailoring


We’ve checked, and double-checked, and can consequently confirm that there is nothing not to like about M&S’s new service, ‘Savile Row Inspired Personal Tailoring’.

Essentially, you just pop into the brand’s Marble Arch branch in London, and set about assembling a smart and entirely bespoke suit for a price that won’t instantly bankrupt you. There’s a choice of more than 1,500 different fabrics, and 100 separate styling options in sizes 34-54in chest, as well as 28-48in trousers. You can even add a waistcoat to your suiting order if you’re a) looking for something really special, or b) planning to enter a snooker tournament. The suits are available either in a standard construction, or – for only £50 extra – the more traditional (and, let’s face it, much cooler-sounding) half-canvassed construction.

Obviously, you’re not expected to make these big decisions without any outside help; there are specially trained ‘tailoring advisers’ on hand to offer expert advice on your choices of everything from fabric and trims to styling. Once you’ve placed your order, your unique complete suit is delivered back to you in just eight weeks. With prices ranging from £499 for a full suit to £149 for trousers and £399 for blazer or jacket, Savile Row has some serious competition.