Let Farah Sport be your gateway to athleisure excellence

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Let Farah Sport be your gateway to athleisure excellence 12

It is genuinely time that you dipped your toe into the sport-casual trend, here’s a good starting point courtesy of Farah Sport and their AW 18 collection

You might still feel a little uneasy about it but athleisure has been a genuine thing for a while now. Sure, at first it was the preserve of only the most ironically retro of hipsters, rappers and high fashion socialites but it is now, without a shadow of a doubt, a thing.

A thing that you, our fine friend, should be wearing more off and can definitely get away with. Not only that, by donning such attire we’re pretty sure that you’ll attract admiring glances from men, women and sentient forms of AI everywhere.

It is a genuine look, which is why it’s lovely to see that our pals at Farah have well and truly stepped from the sport-casual looking glass with their AW18 range, Farah Sport.

Complete with retro throwbacks (the chevron branding is inspired by the movement in the original Farah logo – the track the runs between the iconic ‘F’ and ‘A’) the range perfectly melds the considered design we’ve come to expect from Farah’s 90 years with practical sports influences and sharp silhouettes befitting a man who knows who to look good. All of which, thanks to the invention of the aforementioned ‘athleisure’ “(say that fast and it rhymes like an MC showing off…) means that you can wear it pretty much wherever the hell you want. The office, the park, at home on the sofa, collecting your gold medal at the next Olympics. Anywhere.

The AW18 collection covers all bases and features a mix of slim-line tracksuits, lightweight gillets, jackets , polo shirts and t-shirts covering any and all eventuality - each item designed for pre and après-activity comfort. The items are also created using 50/50 twisted yarn fabric that features moisture-wicking anti bacterial properties - simply put, it’ll be better for you when you sweat. And it looks aces, obviously.

Check out some delicious selects below or head over to and fill your wardrobe with something nice and sporty. But also versatile. If you want it to be.

Items are priced £25 between and £120.


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