Colette's Simpsons collection


Be honest. There comes a time when every man longs for the chance to wear some Simpsons-endorsed threads without looking like he's raided a 12-year-old's wardrobe.

French conspirators ELEVENPARIS and colette are familiar with this impulse. To celebrate this year's 25th anniversary of the beloved family, they've created a capsule of four brilliant man-friendly t-shirts.

The colette concept store logo features on two of the shirts: Maggie perched atop one, Bart tagging the other. A portion of the cast feature on an American jersey-style T, that declares its tribute more overtly thanks to the 25 numbering on the back. Our top marks go to the optically witty all-blue Marge number.

The collection will appear on the colette website when celebrations commence on 15 July.


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