Classic Nineties sportswear that will never age

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Step inside an artisan coffee house, a pop-up restaurant or independent festival today and you'll think you've stepped back in time to the Nineties, because the return of the tracksuit and bucket hat (as well as The Crystal Maze) obviously signifies we are so done with 2016.

As much as we love dressing like characters from Shameless, we know these items are just a trend that'll most likely end up in the fancy dress pile or charity shop. But there are stylish and timeless ways you can show your love for the decade that brought us Oasis and the height of the Turkey Twizzler ...

The branded sweatshirt

How to do it...

You wake up in the morning with a blaring hangover, your body is severely dehydrated and you need to exit your home for a fry up ASAP. What do you wear? If you say pyjamas you really need to reassess your life. The correct answer is, of course, a branded sweatshirt. They're cool and comfy, a combination that rarely meets.

This event happens most weekends too, so it's good to have a go-to outfit...

How not to do it...

The vintage trainers

How to do it...

The bright flashes found in these trainers are just enough of a nod to the Nighties without giving anyone a seizure, and with the rise of casual footwear, these Reebok Revenge Plus Vintage kicks could not be more relevant. A pair of white trainers have become a staple for every man's wardrobe now, regardless of their age, style or subculture affiliation.

How not to do it...

The track jacket

How to do it...

Once the attire of football hooligans (well, kinda still is), now a layer that's been adopted into the smart casual trend that's lost the brash branding and has taken Fashion Weeks round the world by storm, demonstrated by male model Oliver Cheshire.

Although it might seem a bit mad to combine these two polar opposites, it weirdly works. This is on the same discovery level as the first guy who milked a cow: terribly weird, but a fantastic outcome.

How not to do it...

The cycling top

How to do it...

If you're wanting to update your archetypal Saturday night lads out t-shirt, a cycling top is just the way to do it. Forget all the brash colours from the Nineties, because they've been replaced with a clean and minimal aesthetic with a focus on the zip detailing.

Don't worry if your mates call you Lance Armstrong, just drop some bellybutton fluff in their drink when they're not looking and feel comfortable in the knowledge that you're better dressed than them.

How not to do it...


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