Check out Stance's new line of lairy Fresh Prince socks

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Gary Ogden

Iiiiiiin West Philadelphia, born and raised, on the playg- etc etc etc, you know the rest. Everyone and their dog is a fan of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air – you’ve never met anyone that isn’t, have you? They don’t exist.

Anyway, something most Fresh Prince fans have in common, is that they wear socks – so shout out to hench sock-makers Stance to make the connection.

They’ve released a range of socks inspired by the show, and you could do a lot worse to your feet than sliding them in these wondrous slips. Check out the collection below:

Make sure you wash ‘em after each wear though – you don’t want people shouting “Smell ya later” at you down the street. ZONG!

You can grab them here. Then after you’ve nabbed a pair, why not check out our pick of ten more top socks to sport this summer, here?


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