13 coats and jackets to boss the winter in

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Jamie Carson
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Don’t let meteorologists fool you: it’s still winter and snow might be coming your way at anytime, which means you better stock up on tinned foods and carve yourself a weapon out of wood, because if The Day After Tomorrow is anything to go by, it’s going to be an absolute nightmare.

But before you go looting supermarkets for tins of Heinz, you might want to layer up with stylish outerwear, because even in a post-apocalyptic world brought on by severe global warming you have to look fresh, as mutants are still going to laugh at you if you’re wearing a shit bomber from three years ago.

  • Plum shearling harrington

    Shearling and fleece textures that make you look like you’re going on the most hipster mountain trek ever are bang on trend for 2017, which are popping up in new shapes like the Harrington rather than the archetypal fleece shape of a Lake District hiker.

    Topman, £75

  • High neck plaid trench coat

    Don’t be fooled by the model’s ‘meh’ smile, he’s really ecstatic to be wearing such a innovative high neck trench with such an intricate brown and blue plaid running through it. He just hides it really well.

    Drop Dead, £100

  • Checked coat with turned up collar

    A worthwhile smart investment as checks are perpetually on-trend. Unlike Pokemon Go. You’re an adult. Delete the app.

    Zara, £49.99

  • Colour block puffer jacket

    The Game Boy is coming back, so why not go full Nineties and bring back puffer jackets? Hell, why stop there? Start a petition to resurrect Turkey Twizzlers too. Those were the food of chubby kings.

    Urban Outfitters, £89

  • Fur collar overcoat

    Cruella de Vil had the right idea. Fur looks sick. But if you want to look good without killing innocent puppies, opt for a faux fur option in a vintage style camel instead.

    Topman, £100

  • Vintage aviator bomber jacket

    Look at that sherpa lining. This is the warmth that Luke Skywalker must have felt when he cut open that Tauntaun and slept inside of it.

    Alpha Industries, £190

  • Wool blend textured overcoat

    If you want to add some interest to your winter coat but aren’t to keen on rocking a Rod Stewart amount of leopard print, then up your texture game with a towel-esque material. 

    The Idle Man, £35

  • Lovell coat with turned up lapels

    It’s hard to make a black coat look impeccably cool, as more often than not they make you look like an undertaker. Not even the wrestling kind, just the funeral kind. But this turned up lapel and collar coat is so slick you’ll be wearing it to your own wake.

    All Saints, £207

  • Longline camo jacket

    Traditionally camo jackets are a shorter, lighter layer, but thanks to the streetwear explosion the gods (buyers) have made everything longline. Layer a hoodie below it and you’re ready for apocalyptic weather/the impending war to follow Trump’s inauguration. 

    H&M, £49.99

  • Blue parka with paisley hood

    Channel your inner Liam Gallagher (we’ve all got a screaming egomaniac buried somewhere) with this unique denim take on the archetypal parka, featuring Sixties style paisley hood.

    Pretty Green, £90

  • Classic khaki parka

    Everyone needs a timeless green parka in their wardrobe, and at only £28, this is an absolute steal. Like we’re not joking, this genuinely might be a pricing error, so get one while you can.

    The Idle Man, £28

  • Collarless leather biker jacket

    Shhh, it's okay if you don't know how to ride a motorbike, no one will ever know. Just walk around in this collarless leather jacket with a helmet under your arm (optional) and you'll fool everyone.

    Raddar7, £345

  • Grey melton peacoat

    Smart enough to wear with your work attire, but casual enough to be worked into your weekend pub outfit of jeans and a t-shirt. If you’re looking for versatility, this double breasted layer is for you.

    Ben Sherman, £122.50