Alternative music t-shirts you won't see anyone else wearing

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Jamie Carson
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Love wearing the same band t-shirt as all the other loyal fans in an army of thousands as you get pysched for a gig? No, same here, we hate being one of the sheep, which is why we've rounded up the best alternative t-shirts that still celebrate your favourite musicians, but make you feel superior to the others because you thought about your outfit more.

  • Motorhead

    Salute Lemmy in this alternative choice to the classic Warpig.


  • Kanye West

    Couldn't be any worse than Trump, could it?


  • Justin Bieber

    Can't afford one of Bieber's $840 kilts? Then a Beavis & Butt-Head alternative is a cheaper choice.


  • Kendrick Lamar

    To pimp a...lama?


  • Stillwater

    Just because a band technically doesn't exist doesn't mean you shouldn't support them, as this Almost Famous tribute is too good to pass up on.


  • Lou Reed

    Pay your respects to the Velvet Underground man with this hand painted version of the iconic Mick Rock shot.


  • Nirvana

    MMMBop along to Smells Like Teen Spirit and hope that people get the joke instead of being horrifically offended.


  • Adele

    Suppose she can afford that phone bill.


  • The Smiths

    We feel Morrissey would cry actual tears of sadness if he seen this at a show, which is more of an incentive to wear it.


  • Taylor Swift

    Sick of seeing those hipster kids in that old Sonic Youth t-shirt when all they know is Kool Thing? This'll teach them. This'll teach all of them!


  • Conway Twitty

    Ladies and gentlemen, an Obey satire t-shirt of Mr Conway Twitty.



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Jamie Carson

Jamie Carson

When he’s not pretending to be on the front of an album cover, Online Style Writer Jamie Carson can probably be found criticising your fashion credentials. Follow Jamie on Twitter @_jamie89

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