Alexander McQueen’s new lookbook has serious Royal Family vibes

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Jamie Carson
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Ever look at the Royal Family during weddings and celebrations and think, “Yeah, I could pull that off,” only to realise you’re a lowly peasant who has no regal suits or military medals? Then your day is about to get a whole lot better, because Alexander McQueen’s new AW17 lookbook will let you look like royalty with the incestuous bloodline (although it will still cost you an arm and a leg and an overdraft).

The brand’s new range of vibrant eveningwear cut in luxurious British fabric draws inspiration from the classic London gent and iconic poet/novelist and decadent sex fiend Oscar Wilde, whose influence can most notably be seen in the embroidered cape, double breasted fur collar coat, bright peak lapel velvet coats and a paisley silk robe.

So start remembering those Oscar Wilde quotes you used to post on Facebook in uni to make yourself seem intellectual. You’re going to need them.



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Jamie Carson

Jamie Carson

When he’s not pretending to be on the front of an album cover, Online Style Writer Jamie Carson can probably be found criticising your fashion credentials. Follow Jamie on Twitter @_jamie89

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