Farah drop vibesy new surf film 'The First Wave' with pro surfers Matt Burner and Tom Crowe


Prepping their wax and sticks for high summer, British brand Farah launch a new surf-inspired collection and film.

'The First Wave' takes inspiration from the pioneers of British surfing, the vibe, the clothes, the hair – oh, man, that hair – and the perfectly Cornish attitude of "Well, there's a huge storm brewing... I guess we better go surf then, eh?" and follow professional British surfers Matt Burner and Tom Crowe on a road trip along the south coast of the UK to celebrate the new collection. 

Bearing in mind the country’s penchant for inclemency and sheer, bloody-minded, meteorological inconsistency, the new collection comprises a range of shirts, tees, shorts and swimwear in a palette of washed pastels and marine-inspired blues with floral print designs running throughout, graphic tees inspired by the culture surrounding the UK surf scene, and some ace micro-print gear featuring 99 Flakes, umbrellas, deck chairs, and – of course – the humble surf board.