Drake’s orange jumper has taken over Instagram and this is what we can all learn from it

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Drake's orange jumper has taken over Instagram 3

I’m glad Drake’s happy. He’s spent most of the last few days hanging out with friends – friends old and new – and posting picture after picture of him having a nice time, wearing the same, lovely crayola orange knitted jumper.

When the weather starts to turn, when things get a little nipple-y on the ol’ temperature front, it can be tempting to go dark. Black, onyx, jet, licorice, charcoal, Gainsboro, slate, gunmetal, phthalo green, Brunswick green, dark moss, midnight, navy, resolution blue, maybe even a dark teal if you’re feeling especially bold. 

But Drake – erstwhile child actor now emo-rap’s preeminent purveyor of thudding sadness – has got his game down cold: by adding a pop of colour to your outfit, you can elevate the whole mood of a room. 

According to Vogue, orange can “help [with] being social and bring you out of your shell” and calls it “the best color for helping you adapt to change.” 

Who among us doesn’t need a hand adapting to change? A new job, maybe; a new friend bringing new frequencies; a new recipe to replace the sweet chili salmon with grilled tenderstem broccoli, asparagus, and runner beans you’ve been making every single fucking evening. The change in the weather, too, requires an update of Mood. 

Drake’s jumper – we’ve narrowed it down to a very similar-looking item, btw: the Textured-Knit Virgin Wool Sweater by meticulous Italian label Incotex – is the ultimate in Mood enhancement. Wear this and you won’t be sad. Wear this to break up with your long-term partner or phone service provider and it will lessen the blow. Wear this while bingeing on Mad Men and you might even start to actually enjoy that show.

God speed, jumper fans.

(Main Image: @champagnepapi / @theo.skudra)

Drake's orange jumper has taken over Instagram 2

(Textured-Knit Virgin Wool Sweater by Incotex; £250, Mr Porter)

Drake's orange jumper has taken over Instagram 1

(Textured-Knit Virgin Wool Sweater by Incotex; £250, Mr Porter)


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