The best trainers under £100 perfect for spring

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Sam Diss
The best spring trainers under £100 10

It is rapidly approaching Light Jacket Season (LJS) which can only mean one thing: time to get out all of those lovely trainers you’ve been hibernating while the weather’s been atrocious. But maybe you and your foot-clothes need a fresh start.

Here’s our guide to the trainers too delicate and beautiful for the cold months:

The best new menswear you can buy this week 27

A luxe update of an archive squash sneaker, the Indoor Super has moved away from broken ankles on the the court and into our beef-addled hearts (and made our round-up of the week’s best menswear, too…)

The best spring trainers under £100 9

Three shades of “white” here really elevate one of Nike’s more underrated silhouettes, and the pleasingly cake-and-eat it nature of the textile choices - rubber, satin-y mesh, cream suede - will certainly keep you on your (thankfully rubber-tipped) toes this spring.

The best spring trainers under £100 7

The entire Spezial range holds a special place in the hearts of dads everywhere (king dad Noel Gallagher is a big fan) but a lot of the clobber has serious cross-generational appeal. Not least of all these SPZL Glenbucks - in off-white and granite with pops of navy and a subtle red: with an almost-corduroy upper and the ubiquitous webbed mid-sole, the trainer has a lot going on but would look fantastic in the sunshine, the light reflecting prettily off the mad lines. 

The best spring trainers under £100 8

These are like a really handsome version of the shoes nurses wear in nursing homes and I’m fine with that. They do great work and these are a nice colour: I’d call it ‘porcini’.

The best spring trainers under £100 6

For years I guess I never really ‘got’ mint ice-cream, but as I’ve aged I’ve learned to appreciate it. The good stuff, I mean, not that chemical gear: lightly refreshing, palate cleansing, a proper treat. Anyway, these look like that.

The best spring trainers under £100 5

Finding a pair of NBs for under £100 is always cause for celebration, but a pair in this eminently wearable shade of… *looks up ‘shades of white’ on Google* ‘old lace’ is a real boon. (Sidebar: People don’t say ‘boon’ much anymore, which is a shame)

The best spring trainers under £100 4

Hard to even come to close to comprehending quite how tremendously you’d fuck these up almost immediately, seeing as they’re the colour of tropical sand, and are made from buttery suede, but it’s a risk, I’m afraid, you’re going to have to take. Sorry.

The best spring trainers under £100 3

Like mint but this time it’s bubblegum. Very Talented Mr. Ripley, these.

The best spring trainers under £100 1

Like bubblegum but this time it’s strawberry flavour, I guess. The One Star revival was one of the key stories of last year and the introduction of a whole slew of fun, summery shades to proceedings will keep things going all the way through 2018, too. Well, at least the summer, anyway.

The best spring trainers under £100

This one feels like a combination of pretty much every trainer in this list, squashed into one, extremely soft shoe. That can only be a good thing, can’t it?