15 best summer shirts to make your wardrobe hotter than the sun

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Lovely summer shirts: All your festival, warm weather and wedding shirt styling woes sorted     

Thanks to collections from brands like Prada, Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga, tropical summer shirts are officially cool again and you can now wear them without feeling like some kind of Miami Vice throwback. Nor are they confined to the wardrobes of summer anymore either. Colour-match correctly and you can layer them under your autumn jacket, over roll necks and more, all without looking like an out-of-season numpty. 

Invest now and enjoy for months to come. Promise.

River Island

This chinoiserie print piece from River Island speaks for itself. Look how beautiful it is. And it’s only £28. Buy two because you will treasure this for years to come. And if you want a stand-out evening, suit look - this is the one.


Obey Clothing

This is a great example of a style that’ll look great with your winter clothes. The darker colours mean you can match it with more wintery colours and black without it jarring. It’ll also pop incredibly well against light denim.


Ted Baker at House of Fraser

This Ted Baker Cuban collar summer shirt is a bona fide head turner. Just don’t go and try and matching your trousers to the blues in the print (…we know what you were thinking), or for anything too creamy or pastel-y for that matter. You want to go darker and a bit slouchy to keep it cool and contemporary and avoid that middle-aged, country-club look.



Bring some Cali vibes to Cally Road with Topman’s summer scorcher of a shirt. Tuck it into boxy, light wash jeans and you’re away.


Saturdays NYC

Some items of clothing have transformative powers. This is one of those items, one that comes complete with the superpower to actually make you feel more together on those mornings you just can’t get into gear. 

You’ve just about put on a white T-shirt and found some trousers and then “oh god, what am I doing; where have I got to be today; what do I normally look like; is this real life?” Then you chuck this shirt on and whoosh! Look at that. A beautiful, adulting adult man staring back at you in the mirror and doesn’t he look lovely? That’s the outside sorted, your brain isn’t far behind, maybe just pick up an Americano at the station. You can do this!



The Cornwall shirt from Soulland and Nike SB’s collaboration is the short sleeved brother of the Huttnutt shirt. Will we be wearing it at Carnival? Yes we will. Will we be wearing it most other days too? Probably.



We can’t get enough of this super fun SS18 Prada shirt and neither could Years & Years’ Olly Alexander on our cover shoot this summer.


ASOS Design

This is one of those pieces that just shines on its own. Keep everything else really simple – plain, dark bottoms; unfussy, minimal trainers; dark, classic sunglasses and an air of understated confidence.



They’re actually cherries on this abstract print from Zara if you look closely. 


Billionaire Boys Club

Never been to Egypt? Who cares? It’s awesome, wear it anyway!



All Saints do some of the best summer shirt prints year in, year out. But the ink blue Hawaiian Kimono-inspired one on their Fuyugi shirt is one that’s so good they’ve brought it back slightly reimagined 3 summers in a row now and 2018’s iteration is by far the best.



Dunhill’s simple windowpane print shirt is timeless enough that it’ll look good for summers to come but also serves as a great piece for playing with contemporary trends. Come autumn and winter you can have some real fun layering and mish-mashing it with other checks for an easy, sports-luxe look. The silk will also feel unlike anything you’ve worn before.


Reclaimed Vintage at ASOS

This is a shirt so divine, Botticelli himself would take off his hat to it.



Summer shirt doesn’t have to mean printed shirt and Reiss’ plain white Cuban shirt is a great staple for your wardrobe year-round. Wear it with sporty, navy shorts like Thom Browne’s ones and accent it with a few pieces of small jewellery for sunny weather. And then layer it over long-sleeved graphicT-shirts later in the year.


New Look

This is a great option for a more formal occasion like a wedding or christening or a sporting event with a dress code. Wear under a suit for a more interesting suit look or even forego the jacket altogether but make sure to wear a belt to keep it formal-ish and for god’s sake tuck it in!


The Kooples

Channel your inner Leo DiCaprio with this Romeo & Juliet vibe shirt from The Kooples.



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